Trust your dental health to professionals. At the EOK dental clinic, you will receive a warm welcome.

Our dentistry offers services for the treatment and prosthetics of teeth using modern equipment. Experienced specialists will help make your smile truly dazzling. In addition to treatment, the clinic performs cosmetic tooth restoration, professional oral cavity cleaning, and much more.

The clinic provides radiological diagnostics, bite correction, prosthetics, installation of metal-ceramics, braces, veneers, as well as implantation, computer tomography, extraction, basic tooth treatment. Pediatric dentistry is available. The center also has an outpatient surgery department.

Mission of EOK

The mission of the EOK dental clinic is to provide high-quality, modern dental treatment.
  • EOK Dentistry – highly qualified specialists;
  • EOK Dentistry – modern innovative equipment and materials from leading global manufacturers in the field of dentistry;
  • EOK Dentistry – safe treatment, highest standards of instrument sterilization;
  • EOK Dentistry – a comprehensive approach to diagnosis, planning, and treatment of teeth.

Values of EOK

  • Professionalism
Professionalism is the foundation of our work. It contributes to maintaining an impeccable reputation and enables the realization of the EOK mission. Professionalism is competence, striving for outstanding results, and continuous improvement. Our goal is to create the best dental clinic in Kazakhstan with an impeccable reputation, ensuring a high level of quality dental services.
  • Responsibility
Impeccable execution and fulfillment of all obligations undertaken are important principles of our work. Each of us contributes to achieving the goals of EOK, takes responsibility for the end result, completes tasks within set deadlines while maintaining high-quality work.
  • Respect
We show respect to everyone we interact with. We demonstrate friendliness, attentiveness to each other, and strive to create an atmosphere of constructive and positive communication. We respect the values, feelings, and moral positions of others. Our approach to work is based on the absence of discrimination on any grounds. Respect allows us to build strong trust-based relationships with all who share our mission and values.
  • Honesty
We believe that honesty determines our success. We build honest relationships with colleagues and partners, inform them about how we work, keep our word, and acknowledge mistakes.

Code of Ethics

General Provisions The EOK Code of Ethics is developed to maintain an atmosphere of mutual respect, strengthen the reputation of the EOK dental clinic. We believe that the reputation of the EOK clinic is primarily the reputation of its doctors, nurses, technicians, and employees. Our task is to contribute to maintaining a favorable environment for the development of corporate culture based on high ethical standards and establish norms of ethical behavior in the EOK clinic that we will adhere to. These norms define relationships within the team, relations with patients, partners, government bodies, the public, and also help to avoid conflicts of interest. The following terms and definitions are used in the code:
  • conflict of interest – a situation in which the personal interests of an employee may conflict with the interests of the EOK clinic.
  • employees of the EOK clinic – all persons in labor relations with the EOK clinic.
  • patients of the EOK clinic – all persons undergoing dental treatment at the EOK clinic.
  • partners – companies and individuals cooperating with the EOK clinic or providing various services to the EOK clinic.
By this code, we confirm our intention to adhere to high ethical standards and not to allow their violation. Principles of Ethical Behavior in the EOK Clinic Activity in the EOK clinic is based on cooperation, partnership, and mutual respect. Discrimination on any grounds is absent in the EOK clinic. Relationships with Colleagues. We strive for careful use of EOK clinic resources and also analyze risks associated with its activities and manage such risks to achieve the mission. We adhere to high standards of planning, control, and reporting and strive to ensure the safety of our assets, including business information. We maintain confidentiality when working with information and ensure guarantees of personal data protection. Our activities not related to our work in the clinic and the use of the resources or equipment of the EOK clinic. In case of disputes or conflicts, we always demonstrate professionalism, refrain from spreading rumors that may negatively affect our reputation. Relationships with Patients. We guarantee equal respectful treatment of all patients and equal opportunities for receiving dental services by all patients. We care about the high quality of treatment and therefore use modern and innovative methods in diagnosis, planning, and treatment. Relationships with the Media. We do not allow the dissemination of false information, distortion of facts, or the use of confidential information obtained in the course of performing our official duties in the media, including internet media and social networks. We understand that the style of communication in social networks affects the reputation of the EOK clinic, therefore we adhere to the norms of ethics not only in personal communication but also on the internet.  

Relationships with Partners.
  • We adhere to the principles of honesty and fairness in our relationships with partners.
  • Our relationships with partners contain accurate and reliable information.
  • We seek the best way to use resources for the EOK clinic, aiming for high quality.
  • We understand the difference between tokens of appreciation and expensive gifts that may lead to conflicts of interest. We do not accept expensive gifts.
  • In the EOK clinic, behavior that causes inconvenience or harm and violates the privacy of individuals – both employees and patients – cannot exist. Such behavior may include direct and indirect sexual harassment, insults and threats, unfriendly remarks, crude jokes, gossip, unwanted letters or calls, offensive gestures, or similar actions.
Compliance with the requirements of the code and the work of the Ethics Committee. For clarification and resolution of ethical issues in the EOK clinic, including cases of known or possible violations of the code requirements, please contact the Ethics Committee. The EOK clinic guarantees the anonymity of such complaints, as well as careful, objective, and competent consideration of received complaints. Please send your questions, suggestions, and comments regarding compliance or possible violations of the code rules to the address eokdent@mail.ru.

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