Tooth implantation

The absence of one tooth or complete tooth loss has been restored through dental implantation since the second half of the 20th century.

Such a method of restoring dental rows became possible with the discovery of the osseointegration process – the fusion of bone with the implant. Implants play the role of the root of a natural tooth and serve as support for the crown (visible part of the tooth).

Until the moment when it becomes possible to grow one’s own teeth, implantation is the best and only way to restore the previous integrity of dental rows without resorting to the grinding of adjacent healthy teeth. Agree, it’s better to undergo this procedure once in a lifetime than to suffer from inadequate food intake, deformation of the dentofacial system, and the inability to smile confidently.

At EOK, the experience of successfully performed tooth implantations, patient observation, modern technologies, and equipment allow for the quick, painless, and reliable implementation of this procedure. Tooth implantation in a number of clinical cases is the only possible way to restore one’s previous beautiful smile. The most important advantage is the prevention of bone loss and the reduction of the risk of atrophy of the dentofacial bones.

With proper care, the service life of implants is not limited. The recommended oral care after implantation includes visiting a dental hygienist every 3-4 months for professional hygiene with the completion of all doctor’s appointments.

Currently, there are almost no contraindications to this procedure, except for the presence of severe diseases (tumors, diabetes) and impaired blood clotting.

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