Manufacture of conditionally removable prostheses on implants

We don’t always manage to preserve our own teeth until old age. Fortunately, modern dentistry offers many ways to restore dental arches.

Conditionally removable dentures on implants are one of the methods of restoring chewing functions and aesthetics of the upper and lower jaws in the complete absence of teeth on one or both jaws and the impossibility, for one reason or another, of integrating a sufficient number of implants to make non-removable (ceramic) crowns.

Most often, acrylic dentures supported by two or four implants are used. The orthopedic structure consists of supports installed in the implants and the denture itself, i.e., artificial gums and teeth.

At EOK, an individual prosthesis made of highly aesthetic and health-safe materials will be crafted for you in our own dental laboratory at the clinic, matching any color and shade as closely as possible to natural tooth enamel. Getting used to conditionally removable dentures may take some time. After each meal, they should be cleaned. With such orthopedic constructions, you can sleep with them on or remove them at night, placing them in a container with liquid, which should be changed daily. If unpleasant sensations do not bother you during wear, you can leave them on overnight for faster adaptation. Your dental orthopedist will tell you how to properly care for your oral cavity with removable and non-removable constructions to prolong their service life.

A more reliable and aesthetic restoration of dental arches in the complete absence of teeth is non-removable dentures on the best German implants, namely, the implantation of an artificial tooth root in place of each lost tooth. A separate anatomical crown, completely identical to a natural tooth, is fixed on each of them. For this purpose, from eight to twelve implants are implanted on the upper and lower jaws, on which non-removable ceramic single or bridge prostheses are installed.

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