Pulpitis treatment

If caries is not treated in a timely manner, the microorganisms inhabiting the affected tissues penetrate further into the tooth cavity, where the pulp is located, which will cause a serious inflammatory process.

The pulp, essentially, is loose connective tissue, dotted with nerves and blood vessels, which is why inflammation of it leads to severe pain syndrome.

Pulpitis – inflammation of the internal tissues of the pulp (dental nerve) when infection enters it as a result of carious damage, poor tooth filling, or trauma.

As a result of inflammation, the dental nerve becomes very sensitive, leading to the appearance of throbbing pain in the patient. The danger of the disease lies in the fact that in the absence of proper measures, it gradually progresses to periodontitis (inflammation of the tissues surrounding the tooth, holding it).

Visiting a dentist once every 6 months will be a reliable preventive measure against dental diseases.

Treatment of Pulpitis

EXPERIENCE. Extensive practice allows our doctors to achieve a favorable scenario and high aesthetic result. After professionally performed treatment, restoration using crowns of the destroyed part of the tooth, and following the doctor’s recommendations, the tooth can serve for up to 30 years.
FAST. The procedure for treating pulpitis at EOK is carried out in one visit depending on clinical indications.
PROFESSIONAL TEAM. Our therapeutic dentists specialize in root canal treatment – endodontics, which requires precision, attend trainings and seminars, and strive to stay up to date with innovations in dentistry.
PAINLESS TREATMENT. In our clinic, treatment of pulpitis, root canals, and various stages of caries is carried out absolutely painlessly.
TECHNOLOGY FOR SAVING TOOTH LIFE. Our clinic’s doctors will do everything possible to keep the tooth alive.
MODERN EQUIPMENT. The use of the latest devices, such as the Sirona ultrasonic device, allows not only the treatment of root canals but also the network of small dentinal tubules to prevent their further infection.
PREVENTION AND OBSERVATION. It has become a rule in the clinic to monitor the condition of teeth, gums, and fillings after treatment to maintain the health of the entire oral cavity.
SAFETY. When performing all dental manipulations in our clinic, an individual disposable kit is used for each patient.

Visiting a dentist once every 6 months will be a reliable preventive measure against dental diseases.

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