Professional selection of hygiene products

Professional Selection of Hygiene Products

What will happen to a beautiful flower if it’s not cared for? It will wither, get sick, and perish. Our teeth and gums, like beautiful flowers, require careful attention and care, which is why hygiene is an integral part of any dental procedure.

In EOK dentistry, special attention is paid to the prevention of dental diseases as an important stage of comprehensive care for the health of teeth and gums, which consists of necessary professional hygiene along with individual selection of home care products.

Professional Selection of Hygiene Products

Differ not only in composition, color, but also in purpose: hygienic, therapeutic-preventive, and medical (professional). The last two are not intended for permanent use; they are prescribed only by a dental hygienist in each clinical case individually based on the condition of the oral cavity.

Manual, electric, ultrasonic, ultra-thin, flexible, toothbrushes with dense bristles, and with a special arrangement of bristles on the brush head allow for complete cleaning of the entire tooth surface, including surrounding tissues, without trauma.

Single-tufted toothbrushes
of special purpose easily clean distant tooth surfaces, the gum line, as well as the area of implants and other hard-to-reach areas in the oral cavity.

Tongue Scrapers and Brushes
No comprehensive oral hygiene treatment is complete without cleaning the tongue surface. The tongue surface is cleaned using scrapers adapted to the shape of the tongue and brushes with brush heads of various lengths, sometimes used in combination with rinses or pastes.

Dental Floss or Floss Picks
Various flosses (waxed, volumetric, round, flat, with or without impregnation, and super flosses for crown and bridgework care) are important elements of hygiene. The dentist selects dental floss based on the anatomical structure of the jaw and the width of the interdental spaces.

Interdental Brushes
Using interdental brushes with different bristle lengths allows for effective removal of soft plaque in interdental spaces and particularly hard-to-reach areas of the oral cavity. The doctor will recommend which brush is suitable for your teeth, as using the wrong type of brush can injure the gums and tooth enamel.

Thanks to effective removal of plaque from the entire surface of the teeth, gums, palate, cheeks, tongue, and interdental spaces, as well as cleaning of periodontal pockets using a separate jet of water (under pressure and with micro-pulses), the use of an irrigator at home is becoming increasingly popular. The water jet, passing through a special nozzle, is transformed into microscopic bubbles. Various modes and nozzles will provide not only thorough hygiene but also a massaging effect.

Professional Selection of Hygiene Products

  • Special Training for Dental Hygienists. Only a doctor who has undergone special training in this area of dentistry can select hygienic and preventive products.
  • Selection of Quality and Proven Hygiene Products from Leading Brands. EOK uses dental products from reliable manufacturers, tested by years of successful use in our clinic.

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