Consultation and diagnostics by a hygienist, orthodontist

Consultation and comprehensive diagnostics are the key to making the right diagnosis and achieving optimal results in dental treatment.

Consultation and diagnostics by a hygienist, orthodontist. In our clinic, you can receive consultations from high-class dental hygienists and orthodontists. It’s no secret that prevention is easier than treatment. Timely examination prevents dental diseases.

  • DENTAL HYGIENIST, as the name suggests, provides professional oral care, professional selection of individual hygiene products, teeth whitening, treatment of oral mucosa, prevention of caries (deep fluoridation, sealing of fissures in teeth).
  • ORTHODONTIST specializes in correcting improper bite and crooked teeth in adults and children using removable and non-removable appliances.

Before visiting the doctor, questions may arise. Why is a consultation needed before treatment? Do you need to prepare for a visit to the dentist? What does the consultation consist of?
Consultation and diagnostics by a hygienist, orthodontist. Individual consultation and diagnostics allow identifying all the features of the oral cavity, hidden diseases if any, and predicting the optimal result of dental treatment for the patient.
For example, if you want to whiten your teeth. Before whitening, professional oral hygiene should be performed because dental plaque and hard deposits can cause uneven whitening, then all efforts and resources will be wasted!

It is recommended to bring existing X-rays and 3D scans (computer tomography) to the dentist’s consultation for evaluating the dynamics of processes occurring in the oral cavity.

Before the first visit to the doctor at the EOK clinic, each patient fills out a health questionnaire. The doctor takes into account the obtained data in further dental treatment.

Patients are referred to an orthodontist in cases of:

  • incorrect tooth position;
  • bite problems;
  • delayed eruption of permanent teeth;
  • preparation of dental arches for prosthetics.

Incorrect bite affects the condition and health of teeth, as well as the surrounding tissues. For example, crowding of teeth worsens hygiene, contributes to rapid formation of dental plaque and recession of the gum line.

Consultation and diagnostics by a hygienist, orthodontist

EXPERIENCE. In the EOK clinic, our doctors have been restoring smile beauty for many years!

CONTINUOUS PROFESSIONAL GROWTH OF DOCTORS AND THE LATEST DENTAL DEVELOPMENTS, clinically tested, allow our dentists to successfully treat even very complex clinical cases.

TOOTH PRESERVATION TECHNOLOGY. Preserving tooth vitality or viability is the main task of the EOK clinic dentists. The treatment efficiency increases significantly when the patient and the doctor collaborate. For example, tooth extraction can be avoided by timely seeking medical advice and following all recommendations.

OWN DENTAL LABORATORY AT THE CLINIC. The doctor controls the production of orthopedic structures (crowns) in close collaboration with the dental technician. Our laboratory manufactures dental prostheses in accordance with the rules of artistic colorimetry, meeting the highest standards of aesthetics and quality; they cannot be distinguished from natural teeth.

CAD/CAM GERMAN LAB FOR MAKING ABUTMENTS AND CROWNS. The unique precision technology for simultaneous production of abutments and crowns, brought from Germany, allows creating a perfect individual abutment (support for the prosthesis) and orthopedic construction that will serve for decades.

INTERDISCIPLINARY APPROACH (i.e., involving several specialists if necessary) to treatment in our clinic allows providing quality assistance in solving the patient’s dental problems. Our clinic’s doctors always work together, discussing ambiguous clinical situations. No complex case remains unresolved.

SAFETY. An individual package of sterile instruments is provided for each patient, which is opened in their presence.

MODERN DIAGNOSTIC EQUIPMENT. The 3D tomograph ensures accurate diagnosis and improves the quality of dental treatment.

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