Consultation and diagnostics by a therapist, surgeon

Consultation and comprehensive diagnostics are the key to making the right diagnosis and achieving optimal results in dental treatment.

In our dental clinic, you can receive consultations from highly skilled specialists:
HYGIENIST – provides professional oral care, professional selection of individual hygiene products, and treatment of the oral mucosa.
THERAPIST – treats teeth, performs artistic restoration of teeth with composite veneers.
ORTHODONTIST – corrects improper physiological bite using braces and performs braceless bite correction.
PROSTHODONTIST – performs prosthetics with removable and non-removable dental prostheses: crowns and bridgework on natural teeth and implants, artistic restoration with ceramic veneers.
ORAL SURGEON-IMPLANTOLOGIST – performs dental implantation, tooth extraction, bone augmentation in case of its deficiency, maxillary sinus lifting in case of insufficient bone height during tooth implantation, and other surgical procedures.
PERIODONTIST – treats periodontal diseases (tissues surrounding the tooth), gums.
GNATHOLOGIST – solves the problem of restoring anatomically and physiologically correct bite, finding strictly individual position of the lower jaw, which is distorted due to unqualified prosthetics, incorrectly placed fillings, and other unsatisfactory dental procedures, as well as bruxism and tooth wear. The gnathologist applies an interdisciplinary approach in the comprehensive treatment of bite disorders, diseases and dysfunctions of the temporomandibular joint (TMJ), correction of the neuromuscular complex, and the entire dentoalveolar system.

Consultation and Diagnostics by Therapist, Surgeon

  • EXPERIENCE. Our doctors have been creating healthy and beautiful smiles for many years!
  • CONTINUOUS PROFESSIONAL GROWTH OF DOCTORS. The EOK doctor team strives for perfection in their work, improving their skills to not only stay up-to-date with the latest developments in dentistry but also to implement the best of them in practice.
  • TECHNOLOGY FOR PRESERVING TOOTH LIFE. All efforts of the doctors are aimed at preserving teeth according to clinical indications. Tooth extraction and other surgical interventions can be avoided by timely consultation with a doctor.
  • MODERN DIAGNOSTIC EQUIPMENT. Our clinic uses a 3D tomograph for accurate diagnosis.

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