Veneer installation

Veneers are thin ceramic plates attached to the front teeth, which are one of the modern varieties of tooth restoration.

Veneers allow hiding any dental defects – changing the shape, enamel color, correcting positional defects – and quickly restoring aesthetics and, ultimately, achieving a dazzling “Hollywood” smile. As it is known, in the 1930s American actors, to make their smile irresistible, applied ceramic plates, similar to Hollywood veneers, to their teeth before filming, which gave the teeth impeccable color and shape. The smile became stunning, but in those days such splendor did not last long.


Nowadays, dentistry allows permanently fixing a luxurious smile with veneers. Modern composite veneers are attached to the surface of the teeth with a force equal to the force of natural enamel attachment to dentin and do not require strong tooth preparation.

They can help eliminate abrasions, gaps between teeth, irregular tooth shape, wedge defect, chips, consequences of trauma, color defects, and they can also help cover old fillings on the frontal parts of teeth. Stains do not appear on veneers, and they do not change their initial color. Tobacco, wine, tea, and coffee do not damage the teeth after their installation, and dental plaque practically does not accumulate since the ceramic surface is very smooth.

Hollywood veneers are often used in cases where discolored enamel does not respond to any whitening procedures. Their main advantage is that, unlike crowns, they do not require nerve removal and tooth preparation; before their installation, it is enough to lightly grind the enamel. Teeth acquire an ideal shape and color while remaining alive.

Installation of Veneers in Almaty by EOK Dental Clinic

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